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TWBB Round 2 / Author Sign Ups!
Challenge Rules for Writers
1. Stories must have a minimum length of 5,000 words. If you are co-writing, your story must be 7,500 words. There is no maximum length.
- In the case of WIPs, which are allowed, 5,000 words must be written for the challenge, and the same rules apply.
- In case you want to write more than one fic make sure each is at least 5,000 words long.
2. The central story element must be the relationship between a Teen Wolf character and another character. This can be a romantic relationship or just a friendship, that part is up to you.
3. The characters can be paired with a male or a female. Original male characters, original female characters, fictional characters, celebrities, athletes, etc are all allowed.
4. You must post your story in your own journal or site (LJ, DW, AO3 etc,) and then create a master post to be posted here. Do not link to a locked post/journal!!
5. Stories cannot be posted prior to your assigned posting date.
6. All stories must be betaed. (There is a beta sign-up post for those of you who do not already have a beta and it's up to you to contact them.)

To sign-up, please comment (copy/paste) with the following code:

After signing up , make sure to join and watch the community so you don't miss any posts!
Thanks for participating!

If you have any other questions please refer to the rules,or PM or contact the mods at

Your Mods
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