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Summaries due on Moonday, April 21st!
Shout out to all our wonderful writers. Summaries are due on Monday, April 21st... the day after tomorrow.

Your summary should have enough information to entice an artist or mixer... get them interested, get them to visualize and want to work on your amazing idea and give your story another dimension. It doesn't need to give away all your plot points and surprises, but a good summary for claiming purposes is usually longer and tends to give away more details than the summary you use to post your fic.

We also need a title of some kind. A working title is fine, but as some artists and mixers use these in their works, please make a note if you are turning in a summary with a working title.

Email your summary to teenwolfbang@gmail.com with the following:

Subject line: TWBB ~ LJ/DW name

Contents: Please copy/paste the template/header below to the body of your email and fill out the form. (IF you're writing more than one fic send in an email/form for each fic)

And DON'T panic! As long as it's still April 21st somewhere on this lovely planet you're good. ;-)
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